Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Wenzel 'Water Shortage' Confrontation at the Gym

It's Friday, so early this morning (5:AM), I was off to the gym for my regular, Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout routine.

After my workout, I continued my routine by heading to the sinks to shave. While having a relaxing shave, with the water blasting, for the second time this year, another gym member approached me and told me there was a water shortage. I replied:
If there is a water shortage, why is it that at the grocery store I can buy all the Evian, Fiji, Crystal Geyser and Arrowhead water that I want?

The only quote-unquote shortage is in government controlled water supplies. The government regulations in the water sector cause centrally planned communist-like distortions of price signals relative to supply and demand.  
It's too bad the Soviet Union collapsed because, if you are into following commie price distrtion rules and regulations, you would have loved it there.
He walked away.



  1. Next time make sure he sees you deadlifting so he's too scared to aaproach you in the first place.

  2. You're a lot more civil to busy bodies that I am Wenzel however it wouldnt surprise me if that douche that bothered you was a liberal.

  3. It was probably just Jerry Wolfgang.

  4. I do not see what you're fussing about, Robert. Were your fellow gym members violently trying to make you stop? From the article I can only infer that all they were doing is talking (i.e. exercising their right of free speech). If that is the only thing they were doing, they were fully within their rights to point out to you that you're doing an irrational (stupid) thing - wasting valuable resources even if they re yours to waste.