Monday, July 7, 2014

ATT Runs Politically Correct Dumb White Male Commercial

Martin Hill sets the scene:
AT&T TV Ad 'professional women' is making the rounds on national tv and has gotten attention and ire of some for allegedly making white men look like inept morons. 
The ad features four assertive women wrangling an A&T contract while one witless man sheepishly stands behind them silently and peeks on. 
Despite featuring four women and one man, the ad description omits the man and reads "Business women close on the AT&T Business MobileShare Plan and get a great deal for 5 lines with unlimited talk and text!" The comments at the 'ispot' page are interesting. 


  1. Been seeing this commercial on the business networks, laughed every time.

  2. The punchline is not that the white dude is witless but that the four women (all realtors) strike the same exact pose they show on their billboards. I live in Houston and I see those same billboards all the time down I-45.