Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Breaking: Republicans Will Hold 2016 Convention in Cleveland

A Republican National Committee panel has announced they have chosen Cleveland to host the Republican Party's 2016 presidential convention.

The site selection panel chose Cleveland over finalist Dallas, and the full committee is expected to approve the choice in August.


  1. Cleveland? whats fun in Cleveland?

    1. Cleveland used to be very fun when I lived there in the area in the mid to late 90's. They had a fairly vibrant economy and a great entertainment/downtown district called the "Flats", which was on the Erie waterfront with a lot of great restaurants and bars(I've heard that's mostly gone, some of it migrated to other spots), including people strolling up and down the boardwalks with a general sense of fun about.

      The old stadium was great for concerts & football. I don't know what the newer stadium is like, but the new ball field was nice.(none of this is an endorsement for taxes, just comments)

      I remember Cleveland pretty fondly even though I've heard it's gone down hill a bit...it had a great resurgence in the 90's...I don't know what it's like today...but depending on your age you might be remembering when the lake actually caught on fire(pollution) and Cleveland reputation wasn't very good...Kucinich was elected in the late 70's and I believe he didn't help things because he was all of 21 when he was elected...one of youngest mayors ever of a large city. (not that I would make that judgement, but just sayin')

      I haven't been back for some time though, a good 12 years.

      It's also got the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame and a some nice museum's around town. Really, it had quite a bit going on when I was there...assuming some of it still exists.

  2. What are the chances for a tsunami on the lake? Of course, hoping the R+R museum is evacuated in time.

  3. They should have a joint convention in Detroit and Cleveland. Both are good examples of what Liberal/Progressive/Socialist policies do to a city.