Saturday, July 5, 2014

Eric Margolis on Charges Against Sarkozy as DSK Payback

Yesterday, I wrote that the investigation of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy looked to me like possible payback by Dominique Staruss Kahn (SEE: Are Sarkozy's Troubles DSK Revenge?).

The important foreign affairs correspondent, Eric Margolis, is thinking the same way. He writes:
Former  French president Nicholas Sarkozy’s  dramatic criminal interrogation last week shows once again that the politics of the French Republic remain waist-deep in sewage. It was also an affront and humiliation of a former – and would be future – French president.

Sarkozy was picked up from his Paris home before eight AM and whisked off to a police and judicial center in the outskirts of the capitol. He was subjected to 15 hours of intensive questioning, then taken at two AM to be arraigned (‘mis en examen’) for possible corruption and perversion of justice.

“Grotesque” claimed Sarkozy the next day, insisting he was being humiliated and persecuted by leftwing political enemies in the judiciary. He may have been right. Such Stasi-like treatment of a former president was unprecedented and  unnecessary. It was revealed that Sarkozy’s cell phone had been tapped by magistrates for over a year. What was going on?

The former president is accused of improperly using his influence by offering favors to two senior magistrates to find out details in an explosive 2007 case of illegal campaign financing. The late Col. Muammar Khadaffi claimed before his murder by French-linked insurgents that he had secretly given Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential campaign $68 million. Khadaffi knew too much…and was talking.

As the pirates used to say, dead men tell no tales.

This case, now under intense investigation, could blow up and wreck what had until now appeared Sarkozy’s likely re-election in 2017.  He remains the most leading candidate of the center-right while the current French Socialist president, Francois Hollande, is so miserably unpopular he couldn’t get elected as a dog catcher.  Hollande’s popularity rating is 16% and falling. Amazingly, the disgraced Socialist leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn (aka DSK) is now better regarded by the French public than the wretched Hollande.

As I watched Sarkozy being carted off by the police,  I wondered, could this be payback by the left for the honey-trap that ended the career of former Socialist  luminary Strauss-Kahn?

The former International Monetary Fund director and Socialist bigwig, the notoriously oversexed Strauss-Kahn,  was charged with attempting to rape an African maid in a French-owned New York hotel.

The case smelled of a frame  up concocted by Strauss-Kahn’s enemies on the right, probably with help from an intelligence service.  Strauss-Kahn was arrested, humiliated, and jailed. After a lurid trial, he finally beat the rap, but not before his political reputation was ruined and his quest for France’s presidency derailed. But for this tawdry case, Strauss-Kahn would likely have been elected president of France in 2012,  sparing the republic the unloved Hollande. Many French darkly suspected Sarkozy was behind the plot against Strauss-Kahn.
Read the full Margolis take here.

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