Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gender Differences in Math Performance

Mark Perry writes:
Claims are often made by gender activists like UW-Madison psychology professor Janet Hyde that “There just aren’t gender differences anymore in math performance. So parents and teachers need to revise their thoughts about this. Stereotypes are very, very resistant to change, but as a scientist I have to challenge them with data.”

Well, I’d like to challenge Professor Hyde by looking at some recent data that suggest exactly the opposite – boys consistently outperform girls on standardized math tests. Oh, and by the way, girls outperform boys on standardized reading tests....For the last 42 years, male high school seniors have outperformed high school girls on the math SAT test by a statistically significant average of almost 35 points

Math Composite15515230.0014
Math – Algebra15515500.7392
Math – Statistics and Probability15515140.0001
Math – Geometry15615150.0000
Math – Number Properties15114740.0000
Reading Composite284293-90.0000
Reading – Literacy Experience274287-130.0000
Reading – Gain and Use Information288296-80.0000

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  1. The feminists will just treat this as obvious proof that the SAT is biased in favor of boys and is a sexist test that should be abolished and replaced with essays where students write about how math problems make them feel?

    Think I'm wrong. Look at common core!