Friday, July 25, 2014

Goofy Drama: NYPD Terror Chief Scales Brooklyn Bridge to Inspect White Flag Site

File under: Super absurd

The drama continues over the anarchist calisthenic-type raising of white flags over the Brooklyn Bridge (SEE: Nearly 3 Dozen Detectives Assigned to White Flag Mystery)

Now John Miller, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence of the NYPD and a former news reporter at ABC and CBS, has gotten into the act, as though the raising of why flags was some type of terrorist event.

NyPo reports:
NYPD terror chief John Miller wanted a firsthand look at the scene of the white flag caper high atop the Brooklyn Bridge — so he made the death-defying climb with roughly a dozen other cops Friday morning.
Miller urged investigators to see the crime scene themselves, in order “to further document” it, he told The Post.
He came along because “I wouldn’t ask my people to go anywhere I wouldn’t go myself,” he said.
He added, “We’re just going to take a look at the scene, we need to further document the actual crime scene … This is a chance to get the squad that’s actually doing the investigation a firsthand look.”
Clad in blue helmets, officers, including Emergency Service Unit members, attached themselves to vertical cables using hooks and carefully scaled the bridge’s larger horizontal main cable.



  1. NYC tax dollars hard at work on this one.

  2. Priceless. You can't script better ways for government to look silly.

  3. Talk about adding stupidity to embarrassment! And New Yorker’s wonder why taxes are so high...... Or maybe they don’t.