Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby, Obamacare, & Attacks on Liberty: Your Rights Don't Come From a Court!

By Shane Kastler
In one sense, the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby was encouraging. The Court decision stated that corporations such as Hobby Lobby could not be forced to provide services or products that they have religious objections to, as a part of a government mandated health plan. This decision would seem so obvious to any proponent of liberty that it almost defies logic that anyone might oppose it. Why on earth would any rational person think their employer should be required by law to pay for their sex products? Whether it be contraception or abortion services, these are clearly matters that many
of Americans (including those individuals who make up corporations) have religious qualms about. So why should they be forced to violate their conscience to appease their employees?
Furthermore, the idea that employers don't have to pay for such services doesn't limit the employees access to such things in the least. The court decision simply states that government cannot force the company to fit the bill. If the individual wants to buy birth control pills they still have the ability to do so. To suggest this court decision is discrimination against women is patently absurd. If I were to demand that my insurance company provide chocolate for me, would it be discrimination that they refuse? In my case, chocolate makes me feel good and I'm convinced it's beneficial to my health. Isn't this discrimination against chocolate lovers such as me? Of course it's not because I still have access to chocolate. I just have to buy it myself. Likewise with the feminists and their pills. Don't expect your boss to pay for your sex life; and furthermore don't expect the government to be your personal bully who demands such things from your boss. Yet all too often this IS what government does; because the government routinely oversteps anyone's idea of normal bounds, when it seeks to force it's will upon the people. Let us not forget that the Hobby Lobby court decision was 5-4. Which means this entire case was one heartbeat away from being completely different. This leads to a deeper question: Where did we get the idea that our rights and liberties are granted to us by the Supreme Court in the first place?
Have you ever wondered why your liberties should be threatened by the whims of nine Washington dictators in black robes? It should go without saying that the American system of government, with its separation of powers, has seldom actually worked as advertised. While Congress is supposed to make the laws in reality they are often nothing more than a rubber-stamp for an overbearing President. And while the President is supposed to be an executive who enforces law, he is usually more of a tyrant who either pushes Congress to do his bidding, or simply bypasses Congress with illegitimate executive orders. Barack Obama has made a mockery of the whole system with such acts, but he is certainly not the first President to do so. The entire office is corrupt and flawed; as any honest person would be forced to admit. And then we have the Supreme Court.
In THEORY, the Supreme Court is supposed to defend liberty by making sure that laws are “constitutional” in nature. Yet in REALITY, the United States Constitution is so routinely ignored that it has almost become a worthless letter. Think about it. How in the world can you have something as obviously anti-liberty as government enforced purchase of contraception coming down to a 5-4 vote? Or even worse, how could you have government enforced purchase of health insurance coming down to a 5-4 vote in favor of? Under the commerce clause (as John Roberts infamously defended it)? This should make it clear to all that the Constitution means nothing to the powers that be. And why would we expect that it would mean anything to them? Why would you be so foolish as to expect the government to adhere to a document that limits the role of the government? The Feds are called to police themselves. Do you honestly think they will? Very rarely.
In conclusion, I'm glad the Hobby Lobby case came down the way it did; but it doesn't solve the deeper problem of constant attacks on our liberties. And it doesn't change the fact that most Americans wrongly assume that it's the government who GRANTS these liberties. It's not. It is our CREATOR, not the so-called earthly masters who assume power over us that isn't theirs to assume.  Even my declaration that my rights come from my Creator is a controversial statement that not all agree with.  Yet I'm entitled to believe it and to proudly proclaim it.  Just as you are entitled to disagree and speak against it.  But neither of us have the right to force the other to submit to our own view on such things.  This is what true liberty is all about.  True liberty is about you doing as you please; and I doing as I please.  And not using the government to force YOU to do as I PLEASE.
Ladies, no one owes you contraception. In truth, no one owes you health insurance either. Liberty would declare that you can buy what you want. But liberty would also declare that I don't have to buy it for you. Neither does your boss. And at least for today, five of the nine justices agree. Of course that might change tomorrow, but even if it does it wouldn't matter. Our rights don't come from a Court to begin with, nor any other government entity. Live your life enjoying the freedoms you have, without striving to infringe upon the freedoms of others. In short, buy your own pills and I'll buy my own chocolate. And then maybe we can all get along in a free society and live by the dictates of our own conscience.
 Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.

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  1. As Dylan aptly put it, "you gotta serve somebody. It might be the Devil or it might be the Lord, but you got to serve somebody".
    And if most people think government is God, they'll appeal to government to get what they want.
    Further, government to be God, needs to be sovereign and all powerful.
    Can we say totalitarian?
    Of course we can.

    As in those who don't believe in heaven, usually make life hell on earth.
    Vide the atheist Soviet Union.
    Or how about Nazi Germany, in that just about everybody believes the Nazis were evil, even if they deny original sin or the devil?

    Yeah, we all believe in separation of church and state and should, but there are ramifications to atheism and human nature is a little more deceitful than many modern atheists would like to admit or even understand.

    IOW if you don't like the so called pat answers and pie in the sky of religion/Christianity you still aren't off the hook. The questions of life and liberty, if not theology and political science and arguably the traditional resolutions to them have been around a lot longer than the recent juvenile and sophomore scoffing and derision of them. This ain't the first time the grass has been mowed.