Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nearly 3 Dozen Detectives Assigned to White Flag Mystery

I have no idea what political allegiances the Brooklyn Bridge white flag raisers have, if any, but their act of removing US flags from the bridge and replacing them with white flags, has an element of anarchist calisthenic to it. (SEE:Have You Done Your 'Anarchist Calisthenics' Today?)

The likely penalties for their act are slim, but the act has so embarrassed the government, and shows government vulnerability (Around-the-clock patrol cars were stationed on both sides of the bridge at the time, and security cameras are focused on the towers. Cops also park on nearby streets and periodically drive the span of the bridge to look for signs of trouble.) that the NYPD  has pulled investigators off of murder cases to find the perpetrators.

NyPo reports:
 Cops have identified suspects in the mysterious flag-swapping infiltration at the Brooklyn Bridge in which trespassers slipped past anti-terror patrols and planted white banners at the top of the towers, The Post has learned.
Investigators know the culprits only by their nicknames and are working to get their proper names so the suspects can be brought in for questioning, police sources said.
The development came as the NYPD — humiliated by the intruders who planted the surrender-type white flags — assigned nearly three dozen of its top detectives to crack the case, The Post has learned.
Elite investigators were yanked from homicide, counterterrorism, intel and transit to hunt down the infiltrators, who went unnoticed as they climbed atop the bridge’s 276-foot towers on Tuesday, police sources said.
Detectives from Manhattan’s Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and 10th Precincts also joined the investigation, which included combing through video from Pace University, nearby subway stations and elsewhere on both sides of the span, the sources said...
Meanwhile, the NYPD set up new security cameras on light poles at both sides of the bridge, police sources said. More cops on foot were also assigned to patrol areas near the bridge’s towers and pedestrian walkway.
“We’re on high alert,” said one counterterrorism cop.


  1. Don't trust any of them...

  2. Shit like this just makes my day! Bravo to the brave souls that utterly humiliated and out witted the donut patrol!


  3. Wow, this kind of crap takes precedence over murders and other violent crimes? The state is completely stupid.

    1. Not stupid at all. Maintaining the illusion is the most important thing for government. It's what keeps them all in the lifestyles which they have become accustomed. If the illusion fails their way of life ends.

      If the intruders done something destructive, government would simply use it as an excuse to expand their power, to protect us of course. But the intruders did something far worse, they ridiculed and embarrassed the government.