Friday, July 4, 2014

Neocon Ron Paul Hater Caught in Sexting Scandal

Neocon Ron Paul hater, Ben Stein, who once outrageously called Ron Paul "anti-semitic," is caught up in a vicious attack against him.

Here he is attacking Dr. Paul:

Here is NyPo giving him the same kind of treatment:
Ben Stein pens creepy essay, denies sexting scandal
By Emily Smith

Ben Stein, the economist, former speechwriter and star of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” has denied being involved in a “sexting scandal” after he penned a bizarre essay about attractive women who dazzled him on a speaking tour.
The former New York Times columnist most famous for saying “Bueller . . . Bueller” wrote a creepy column about a series of beautiful women he wanted to sleep with, but who ended up asking him for money. And yes, he’s still wed to his wife of 45 years, entertainment lawyer Alexandra Denman, whom he has married twice.
He wrote in the June issue of American Spectator that he met an “absolute knockout young Eurasian woman” who turned out to be a former hooker, “three adorable coeds” and a “breathtakingly beautiful middle-aged woman . . . with a figure that is close to unbelievable,” whom he considered flying to his hometown LA until she insisted on staying at the pricey Beverly Wilshire.
He admitted in the piece,“My main obsessions in my life are my wife, my dog, my son and his family, my secret GF from Mississippi, and any beautiful girl I meet. I am like a teenager. I get mad crushes.”
In early July, the Enquirer carried a “sexting scandal” story involving Stein, 69, a former speechwriter to presidents Nixon and Ford, which claimed, “He’s texted [the middle-aged woman], e-mailed her and even sent flowers.”

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I don't think there is much to the charges. If you read the American Spectator story, he comes across at worst as a cheap old man, who doesn't have the money to play in Donald Sterling's sugar daddy big league. But I wonder how he feels when outrageous, slanderous statements are made about him, the way he made them against Dr. Paul?



  1. Ben Stein sexting would be a terrorist act. Ship him off to Guantanamo.

  2. More Ben Stein fun....Mike Norman and Ben Stein predict goods times in real estate in 2006 and mock Peter Schiff's predictions of doom.