Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OMG Seattle Could Elect Another Socialist

On the heels of the election of Kshama Sawant to the Seattle City Council, socialist  Jess Spear, 15 Now Organizing Director, is running for the Washington State House against House Speaker, Democrat Frank Chopp.

She told the Socialist Alternative:
I demand rent control and affordable housing. The WA State Legislature under Chopp’s leadership, is not only failing to represent renters’ interests, it’s blocking measures like rent control from being implemented locally in Seattle...

I’m running to give a voice to bus riders that are facing drastic cuts. As a climate scientist and socialist, I see this as the fundamental choice Olympia faces on transit: Will they provide affordable and massively expanded public transit? Or will politicians like Chopp continue to underfund Metro, forcing working people into expensive and environmentally destructive ways of commuting, while simultaneously destroying good jobs at Metro?...

Removing another out-of-touch corporate politician would not only rock the political establishment here for the second time this year – after the election of Kshama Sawant – it would give working people across the country the confidence that we can reject politics as usual by electing our own independent representatives. A $15 minimum wage was advanced and won in Seattle by building a grassroots movement. We would take that lesson and apply it to issues we want advanced at the state level. Kshama Sawant and 15 Now brought the movement for $15 into the City Council, and working people won! Let’s bring a movement for rent control and a movement for mass transit into the Capitol in Olympia!...As a socialist, I’ll fight for every single improvement for working people and link it to challenging this exploitative system of capitalism.
There is one point that Spears is correct about. She says:
 I think people across the political spectrum are fed up with what is coming out of Olympia and are looking for an alternative to politics as usual. The fall of Republican House Majority leader Eric Cantor is another example [in addition to Kshama Sawant] of people fed up with politicians that serve big business.
But sadly, Spears and  the masses do not differentiate between big business and crony business, and they have no understanding of what freedom really means, so they often turn to people government solutions that instead of moving people toward freedom, move them toward chains against free exchange.



  1. Apparently the only thing holding back unfettered prosperity is politicians signing pieces of paper.

    I think the cost of housing is appropriate. It is those darn Lamborghini's that are just too expensive for the common person to be able to afford a dignified ride to work.


  2. Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

    H. L. Mencken

  3. "a climate scientist" - and a socialist. Not a coincidence.

  4. These people are making it too easy for us. It used to be considered hyperbole to label average interventions as socialism, but here they are, publicly laying claim to something as common as the minimum wage, and now rent controls and public transportation, even at the local level!

    Good, they can have them!

    Then when it all blows up, the average person, who is already unhappy with the state, will associate every conceivable government function with socialism, and their platform will make a convenient list of targets to cut or abolish.

    1. I don't know. The common person will assume that the socialism didn't go far enough and that some pesky speck of libertarianism left in the system was to blame.

    2. No they won't. The socialists also control the media and will be sure to let you know that every failure is ACTUALLY due to not having ENOUGH socialism. Just like how it's the Koch Brothers fault that Obamacare is awful.

  5. I loved what Gary North said today in an article on LewRockwell.com:

    "There was no revolution against the Roman Empire. It simply disintegrated."

    This is what the American Empire is doing; disintegrating. All of this nonsense in the past 36 hours about the Hobby Lobby decision and the "war on women." That one Dem woman, Wasserman Schultz said the $600 cost of the birth control meant the difference between a woman being in the middle class and not.

    If this is in the media, America is disintegrating.