Saturday, July 12, 2014

Paging Lew Rockwell: Taco Bell Launches a Paleo-Menu

Taco Bell announced that it will be launching a new menu centered around meat and protein. The new menu, which, as the Mexican fast food chain explained in a statement, is "the next evolution of its Cantina Bell menu," will be called the Cantina Power Menu, and will feature food items with double portions of meat and more than 20 grams of protein. Essentially, it's Taco Bell's bet that Americans are increasingly interested in protein content, and decreasingly interested in so-called diet foods.

 “We heard customers requesting a higher protein solution with the flavors Cantina delivers, so here is Cantina Power,” company president Brian Niccol said in a statement. "People are not looking for diet food. They want food that gives them energy," he said.


  1. So-called diet food is low fat and high carb (=energy!)......... Besides their incorrect statement, it is probably a step in the right direction. Especially this part, "customers requesting ..................People are not ....................... They want ............"

    Oh my, satisfying consumer preferences! No way!

  2. Makes sense, especially seeing as how the ancestral/paleo/primal movement is reconsidering starches, especially such staples as beans and rice, as crucial for proper maintenance of the gut bacteria.

  3. While traveling by car, I find Cracker Barrel's low carb menu very welcome. After loosing 50 lbs in two years following a paleo/primal protocol, I have maintained the level of health I reached last year at this time with no effort. My primary physician was thrilled by the change, enabling me to get off blood pressure and cholesterol medications that I had been on the last ten years. I sincerely believe that today, at 60, I am healthier than I was even in my twenties. It makes me a very happy paleo-libertarian.