Sunday, July 20, 2014

Political Consultants Now Using Facial Recognition Technology

At the Lincoln Labs Reboot Conference, where Rand Paul spoke, many of the sponsors were the types you would expect, including Microsoft and Google.

The Republican Liberty Caucus was also a sponsor as well as Charles Munger Jr., son of the multi-billionaire, crony Warren Bufett partner Charlie Munger.

I'm told that it appears that Munger Junior's role in the California Republican party, where he spends a,lot of is father's big bucks, is to keep the party "moderate."

But the most fascinating sponsor at the event was Stampede Consulting. According to their web site:
Stampede runs cutting-edge grassroots voter ID, persuasion, and GOTV programs – leveraging both professional canvassers and volunteer assets...Stampede saves you time and hassle by acting as your outsourced data manager. Additionally, we provide analytics services that range from simple turnout propensity scoring to more advanced, evidence-based targeting and voter modeling.
Here is a video from their site:

At the conference, while the stage was being converted from the platform, that Rand used during his speech, to a panel setup, Chris Turner, CEO of Stampede, got up to say a few words. He said to the mostly techie crowd that he was very interested in testing out any technologies they might have that might be applicable to the political campaign world. He then said thath is firm was already using wearables and then to my amazement he said the firm was using face recognition technology. He didn't go into details, but for me that was the most eyebrow raising comment made at the conference.


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