Friday, July 18, 2014

Rand Paul Scrubs His Father's Book From His Web Site

Some people will do anything to gain the presidency.

The Free Beacon details Rand's outrageous act:
Sen. Rand Paul’s (R., Ky.) office deleted a “student reading list” that promoted anti-Israel books from his official Senate website this week, shortly after the Weekly Standard published an article last Friday highlighting the controversial recommendations.

Paul’s Senate website has advertised the list of 17 books as “suggested titles for a student, or anyone else interested in learning more about freedom and the role of government in a free society” under a “students” section since 2011.

While most of the recommended titles focus on economic policy, the list also included books that claim the “Israel Lobby” controls U.S. foreign policy, call for the United States to cut ties with the Jewish state, and argue that support for Israel is anti-Christian and anti-American.

One of the recommended titles, Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency by Patrick Buchanan, has been criticized by the Anti-Defamation League for containing “anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

In the book, Buchanan accused “the Beltway Likud” of plotting the war in Iraq “long before 9/11.”

“President Bush no longer sits at the head of the negotiating table, but directly behind [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon,” Buchanan wrote.

Buchanan also compared former Bush adviser Richard Perle with “Fagin,” the villainous, anti-Semitic caricature in Oliver Twist.

“Perle’s depiction of his delight at first meeting the future president [George W. Bush] reads like Fagin relating his initial encounter with the young Oliver Twist,” he wrote.

Another book on the list, A Foreign Policy of Freedom by former Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas), described President George W. Bush’s foreign policy as a “Christian-Zionist-oil crusade against the infidels.”

“It is amazing that the clamor of support for Israel here at home comes from men of deep religious conviction in the Christian faith who are convinced they are doing the Lord’s work,” Ron Paul wrote. “That, quite frankly, is hard for me as a Christian to comprehend.”

The entire list of books scrubbed by Rand are here. They include books by Mises, Hayek and Hazlitt.


  1. Question for potential candidate Rand Paul: will Rand stand up for you and your beliefs when the going gets tough?

    I will answer this one as it isn't a trick question. The answer is NO. Rand Paul will fold like a piece of paper.

  2. The irony is that they will still squash him when the time comes.

    Ned Beatty - "What's this all about? Do you want money?"
    mountain man - If we want your money, we'll take it. Now you just drop those pants. Take em right off! You look just like a hog, boy. Squeal like a pig!"