Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Real Estate Prices Fall Near US Border Patrol Checkpoints Inside the US

Who the hell wants to live near a checkpoint and have to go through daily harassment? The first time I passed through one of these, I was absolutely amazed this was going on in America. The incremental advance of totalitarianism continues.

From Arizona’s Checkpoint Rebellion:
Crossing an interior immigration checkpoint in Arizona is a puzzling experience. A curious visitor from a peaceful foreign country driving around the state who happened upon a checkpoint for the first time might well wonder, on the basis of the cursory questions and inspections, why, exactly, the checkpoints are present. Visitors from countries wracked by military rule, coups, or civil wars, where checkpoints are routine instruments of control—and sometimes sites of violence and extortion—might feel more at home.
Retirees once flocked to Tubac, [Arizona] for the year-round good weather, affordable adobe-style homes, and quaint outdoor shopping pavilions. But the checkpoint on I-19, a five-minute drive from town, has harmed real estate prices, according to a February 2013 study. Business owners also reported a decline following the construction of the checkpoint.

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