Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rental Market Has Strongest Quarter Since 2000!

Did I mention price inflation is accelerating?

 Effective rent growth in the second quarter was the strongest since the third quarter of 2000, according to Axiometrics early release numbers.

Effective rent growth was 2.4% on a quarterly basis nationwide in April-June 2014, the highest quarter-to-quarter rate since the 2.9% of July-September 2000.

Annualized effective rent growth was 3.3% in the April-June 2014 time frame, up from 2.9% in the January-March period.

Here are the 25 top Metropolitan Statistical Areas ranked by quarterly effective rent growth for the second quarter of 2014.


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  1. Denver area rents are increasing as it is the Federal Center of the West, and has many investment sectors which have seen a strong growth such as Energy, Software, Broadcasting, Engineering, and because it is a major rail, trucking and air transportation hub, as well as a major tourist destination for gambling and skiing in the mountains.

    I lived there for 38 years from 1960 to 1998, and saw it grow from a cow town, that is a cattle feed lot town to a world class city; but got tired of the Front Range Climate with its hot summers and blizzardy winters and moved to Bellingham, WA, the City of Subdued Excitement, where last year the government outlawed fireworks.

    Here rents rise the same as they do in Seattle, up, up and away, as it is has a wide variety of industry and service organizations, as well as a University and a Junior College. .