Friday, July 25, 2014

Ron Paul-Backed Candidate Vows to Defund Government

Jay Stephenson emails:
I like this candidate for county commissioner in Nevada.
From Raw Story:
 A Ron Paul-endorsed candidate for county commissioner in Nevada outlined her conspiracy theory-informed vision for local governance in recently posted video.

Cindy Lake, a Republican candidate for Clark County commissioner, said she became active in politics because Paul – the former Texas congressman and failed presidential candidate – mentioned during a debate that he supported the right to drink raw milk.

“I think you have a right to put whatever you would like to put into your body, if you’re a grown adult,” Lake said during a candidates forum in April, which was posted online Thursday. “I don’t think the government should tell any of us what we should eat, drink, or how to raise our children.”

Lake previously served as chair of the Republican Party in Clark County, where scofflaw rancher Cliven Bundy attracted armed militia members to back his dispute against the federal government.

She explained to voters that she would not approve any new legislation but would work instead to roll back any existing laws she didn’t like.

“Our rights are being stolen from us under the guise of ‘budgeting’ and ‘commissioning,’ and laws are passed – too many laws are passed – and regulations and fees and licenses – I’m also a Realtor, and I have pay those same business license fees,” Lake said.


  1. I like the cheap conspiracy theory shot.
    Also the armed militia tie-in.
    And nobody thinks the media has an agenda?? (including the media itself, ironically).

  2. Cindy lake has a lot of experience with ron paul inc. She might make a good guest with the insight of a Dennis fusaro.


  3. Where to begin. The tone of that story- "Scofflaw", "Militia", "Conspiracy" - seriously, this is the level of debate we face. The writers are so ignorant - perhaps willfully so- and try to use marginalizing language.

    If this was a story about a disabled black lesbian...well, they could use coded "Uncle Tom" language. Anything to discredit her, make her appear ungrateful or "acting white". As long as you don't question the WHOLE F'ing DIALECTIC you may live in peace.

    Yes, marginalizing language, that bĂȘte noir of the 80s- it has taken full and deep root, and now informs what any reporter (who wants to stay on the internet) can say, and what "correct" language can be used.