Sunday, July 13, 2014

The EU’s Accelerating Unpopularity

Unpopular governments are a good thing. The less faith there is in government the better it is for freedom, unless "the people" want to replace the government with another bad government instead of freedom.

Giles Merritt writes:
The message of the European Parliament election was that the EU is losing public support at an alarming rate. For a few weeks, the focus of attention in Brussels and most European capitals was on the reforms needed to recover the trust of almost 300 million voters.
But attention soon switched to the very public row between the EU’s national leaders over whether Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker should get the Union’s top job, which is precisely the sort of issue that conveys a business-as-usual attitude – in defiance of the wave of euroskepticism expressed by votes cast throughout Europe...
[T]he idea of the EU’s disintegration seem absurd, yet that outcome is a real threat, owing to the rising tide of euroskepticism fueled by EU institutions’ failure to connect with Europe’s voters. EU officials, including the technocrats who fill so many of the European Parliament’s seats, have been hopelessly ineffective at conveying to the public the purpose and value of their policies.

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  1. Please consider that from 2008 onward, the Fed’s policy no longer came from the Humphrey Hawkins dual mandate of employment and growth, and thus have not provided economic recovery. The Global ZIRP monetary policies of the world central banks were designed to change the primary function of money to serve as the basis of fiat wealth investment; and thus birthed the investor, and investment gain, as the centerpiece of economic activity, with the result being the creation of awesome fiat wealth inflation, rather than much of any employment gains.

    The ECB: Memorial lecture in honour of Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, is a continuance of the June 5, 2014 Mario Draghi ECB Mandates for NIRP and Targeted LTRO, and the June 21, 2014, Mario Draghi ECB Press Announcement Calling For Shared Sovereignty, which addresses secular stagnation, defined as low growth, low employment, and low inflation.

    Taken as whole, these series of Mario Draghi Mandates and Calls introduce a new global empire, that being the Ten Toed Kingdom, with a miry mixture of iron and clay, forming toes of diktat in regional governance and clay in totalitarian collectivism, as is foretold in Bible Prophecy of Daniel 2:25-45, which is synonymous with the Beast Regime of Revelation 13:1-4.

    The Mario Draghi Calls and Mandates serve as the EU Economic Manifest, that is the Charter and Club, for Eurozone regional economic governance, and have birthed the debt serf and debt servitude, as the centerpiece of economic activity, and will become ever more apparent and defined, as the call for shared regional sovereignty becomes ever more trumpeted, as economic deflation worsens when investors increasingly derisk out of debt trade investments and deleverage out of currency carry trade investments.

    God, that is the Sovereign Lord God, looking down the hallways of time, ordained in eternity past that the peoples of Europe be the first to be subject to the Beast Regime, and that many will according to His Word in Revelation 13:3-4, "worship and follow after the Beast".