Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Factual Feminist on Jewish and Asian Male Virgins at Harvard

Men greatly outnumber women in the "STEM" subjects: Science, technology, engineering, and math. The numbers the Factual Feminist cites are quite fascinating, but I am not ready to buy her argument that women just aren't interested in the STEMs. It is a possibility, I guess, but maybe Larry Summers was right when, while he was president of Harvard, he said:
There is relatively clear evidence that whatever the difference in means—which can be debated—there is a difference in the standard deviation and variability of a male and female population.
Of course, they drove him out of the H presidency for this.



  1. The simple fact is that other fields are more attractive to americans. Stop importing foreigners to keep the wages low, let the wages increase, allow scarcity to finally force companies not to treat engineers and scientists to constant layoffs and churning (again keeps wages down) and more americans, women included, will go into science and engineering. That's all it takes, better wages, better working conditions, better treatment, and a better career path. Until then americans of all races and genders will choose other fields for both monetary and non-monetary reasons.

  2. Bob, since you read Roissy (aka Chateau Heartiste), if not other Game blogs, it should not be hard to accept that indeed, men and women are different and have (vastly) different interests. Women, in aggregate, are just not that interested in STEM programs. I was in a STEM program in the 1980s. Back before they were considerably dumbed-down. Even with the reduced demands these programs make of their students today, the fact that women STILL aren't that interested, should be all you need to know.

    I mean it about being dumbed-down. Even supposedly "good" programs today. I checked my own alma mater's CS program recently. Assembly language programming used to be a required lower division course (and in fact was the weed out course from hell, with perhaps 75% of students dropping out or not passing). Not only is not not required today, it's NOT EVEN OFFERED. Still, women are NOT INTERESTED.