Monday, July 7, 2014

The Lesbian Problem in Boston

I'm sure the libwaps would have a problem with the email that Andrew Sullivan published at The Dish. You see, it differentiates bar customers by sexual preference, which appears to be a libwap sin, and includes this:
Good luck finding a lesbian bar in Boston too. There are a few lesbian theme nights around the city, but they seem to travel around and disappear, or at least drop off my radar. As a long-time bartender in the city, I can say two things about lesbians:

1) They don’t tip (at least not to male bartenders)

2) Lesbians cause fights. Lots of them.
Read the entire email here.


  1. As a former bartender and homo, I have some insight- Sullivan is 110% correct. Lesbian nights at gay bars are rare because they start fights. Rare is the sight of a gay bar brawl outside the lesbian contingent.

    And they do not tip.

    Here's a joke-

    Me- "Knock Knock"

    Lesbian- "That's Not FUNNY!"

  2. If you REALLY want to laugh at lesbians, google "Michfest" and "datalounge".

    Systerwomyn, menstrual huts, allergies, canes, mullets, "penised persons", "haterape", Nan's like a twilight zone of bitter dykes.

    1. Major penis envy. An affliction I somewhat share, alas....
      Hey, just kidding!! Honest!!!

  3. Although I've lived in Michigan for all of my 128 years, I've never heard of Michfest. Gotta love those hard leftists. Since only "women born women" are allowed, WE MUST PROTEST AND BOYCOTT! We shouldn't even perform there! Just a new generation of Calvinist Church Ladies.