Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Very Creepy, Kissinger Connected, Theranos

I have already commented on the very curious firm Theranos and its very curious board that includes Henry Kissinger and a bunch of politicos and military men on the board of directors. (SEE: What is Henry Kissinger and Gang Up To Now?)

The  cover story is that Theranos is a firm that offers comprehensive laboratory tests from samples as small as a few drops of blood at very low prices. It will thus disrupt the diagnostic sector and make complex tests available to the poor throughout the world. But as one observer put it, Kissinger may be many things, but a humanitarian is not one of them. In my initial commentary,I speculated that, perhaps, the tests were going to be a way for Kissinger and team to loot some international health related organizations:
A blood diagnostic company this may be, but with this crowd involved something else is probably up. Perhaps, Kissinger gave it away when he mentioned the tests will "bring this advance to developing nations." Could this mean it is a scam to siphon UN and WHO money for the test? If that is the extent of the scam, my guess is the US citizenry will get off fairly lightly, with just a few dollars from each taxpayer ending up in the pockets of Kissinger, Schultz, Bechtel et al. But with this group they seem to enjoy rubbing in an extra layer of evil. Theranos needs to be monitored closely.
I am glad I added the cautionary note with my speculation. I just came across this in a  2013 WSJ profile of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes
Ms. Holmes declines to discuss Theranos’s future plans, though one may speculate. There could be military applications in the battlefield, especially given the numerous framed American flags across the Theranos office and the presence on its corporate board of retired Gens. Jim Mattis and Gary Roughead, former Defense Secretary Bill Perry and former Secretary of State George Shultz.
Framed American flags across the Theranos office? Very creepy.

And the same profile includes this news from former Secretary of State and Treasury, and current Bechtel Corporation capo, George Shultz (Riley P. Bechtel-Chairman of the Board and a Director of Bechtel also sits on the board of Theranos)
 In a conversation about a year ago, Secretary Shultz said Ms. Holmes could be "the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. "
When I put it to him again on my recent visit, he smiles slyly. "This is not the last thing she's going to invent or create."


Major Theranos Scandal Brewing; Henry Kissinger Involvement


  1. I think the name of the company is correctly pronounced "their anus," which, not coincidentally, is where its clientele will be feeling its effects

  2. "In a conversation about a year ago, Secretary Shultz said Ms. Holmes could be "the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates." Sounds like another "genius" like zuckerberg. Both seem to be well paid puppets of an agenda. Maybe that is why when you listen to holmes and $uckerberg they sound confused and playing a part.

  3. Theranos is a scam. They have no new technology and are secretive to a fault. There is no web footprint, no patents, no detail. I am reminded of B. Madoff's "secret" strategy for making out-sized gains on Wall Street!