Saturday, July 5, 2014

Whites Are No Longer Allowed to Own Land in Zimbabwe.

Now this is what racism really looks like. Government edicts taking private property from a race and preventing ownership, or even rental, of land by a given race.

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has ordered the nation’s remaining white farmers to be booted off their farms in order that the land be given to black Zimbabweans, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

CSM continues:
In the harshest official policy on race and land reform in a country that has been close to bankruptcy, the 90-year old autocrat said Wednesday that whites may no longer own any land in Zimbabwe. Whites would still be allowed to own businesses and urban apartments.

Speaking to farmers in Mhangura, a small mining town about 120 miles north of the capital Harare, Mr. Mugabe, said all remaining white farmers should leave – and closed the door even on white families renting farms from black owners, as some several hundred have been doing since most were violently chased away a decade ago.


  1. It will be a good day when Mugabe (among other scumbag tyrants) finally drops dead which (in theory) may help bring some sanity to Zimbabwe

  2. Next year: hunger in Zimbabwe.