Sunday, August 10, 2014

A 78-Year Old Woman Learns It Is Dangerous to Carry Cash Around Government Agents

The Empire hates cash in the hands of private citizens.

 According to the Detroit News, a 78-year-old Florida woman tried to fly on an international trip from Detroit Metropolitan Airport with almost $41,000 in cash hidden inside her girdle, bra and carry-on bag, federal authorities said.

A complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Detroit said the Clearwater woman was trying to board a flight April 2 to the Philippines with her daughter. She initially said she had $200 in cash but submitted a form declaring she had $1,200, prompting questions.

During a search, Customs and Border Protection officers found $8,000 in wallets in her carry-on bag, $4,000 sewn into a cloth pouch and nearly $1,000 in envelopes, according to the complaint. She then told them she had $3,000 in her blouse and $2,000 sewn into the strap of her bra.

Officers continued to search and said they found about $21,000 in her girdle. The woman told authorities that she had recently sold her home for $120,000, wired some money to the Philippines and had planned to carry a portion of the money with her.

"She stated that she did not wire the proceeds to the Philippines this time because she thought it was safer to carry the money," according to the complaint.

Federal law requires travelers to declare if they are carrying more than $10,000. The woman hasn't been charged, but the government in the forfeiture complaint said it wants to keep the money


  1. See while what happened to her is wrong from a nap perspective, she sounds shady, like she was trying to get away with something, I don't agree witht the laws, but they are what they are & it looks like by the article she was trying to get away with something.

    1. Yes, she was trying to get cash away from US Government thugs and got caught. Good for her, in attempting to evade the Stasi-Nazi, but she should have used "mules" or shipped it via USPS.

      Yes, the USPost Office is inefficient and ignorant, BUT it does have "The Law" behind it. Opening a package sent via the USMail requires a federal warrant. Send 1,000 packages with $1,000 each via "Registered Mail" and you'll be guaranteed they arrive.

      I think the USPS sucks in most cases, but when you need the law AND the system AND the courts on your side...send it via USPS. If they mess with your package, they need a REALLY GOOD lawyer.

    2. so what if she 'sounds shady'. did she harm anyone? you don't agree with the law, yet seem to be okay with the fact that her money is going to be stolen because, 'she sounds shady'. you're justifying the theft of her property for no reason by stating the laws are what the laws are. the law is wrong and if you agreed with the nap, you'd state as much.

      according to the article she just sold her house and was on the way to the Philippians. Maybe she intended to buy a new home and relocate? does that sound shady to you? does she deserve to have her money stolen from her because of that? well, according to your statement, the answer is yes, because she was acting 'shady' and trying to get away with 'something'.

  2. Maybe it's better to bind the cash as a book and then mail it.

  3. Easy there sharks like I said I just thought it sounded shady, no need for the libertarian lecture. I