Thursday, August 28, 2014

BOMBSHELL: Ron Paul Inc. Operatives May Have Been Secretly Recorded Since 2009 exclusive- Dmitri Kesari, who is most certainly the individual identified as "Political Operative D" in the statement of facts that was filed with the court in conjunction with the guilty plea of Kent Sorenson (SEE: BREAKING: Kent Sorenson Pleads Guilty to Concealing Ron Paul Campaign Payoff), may have been secretly recording other members of Ron Paul Inc. since 2009.

It turns out that Kesari owns a pen recorder similar to the one I own (SEE: My "Pen Collection"). I don't know what the quality of the pen cameras were in 2009, but the audio and video of the pen I have, which I bought just a few months ago, is truly spectacular.

From what I have been told, Kesari is likely to have used such a pen device (and perhaps other recording devices) for years. It also appears that the government has been made aware that Kesari likely made recordings.

The Sorenson guilty plea is certainly not the end of the scandal swirling around Ron Paul Inc. Kesari, as the person who negotiated the secret payoffs to Sorenson, will be under tremendous pressure to cooperate with the government. If Kesari has indeed been recording for years, and if he has maintained the recordings, this is going to be an entirely new level of concern for Ron Paul Inc.


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