Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BREAKING: Israeli Ship Targeted by Protesters Leaves Port of Oakland and Steams into SF Bay

I reported on Monday that activists protesting Israel's military action in the Gaza Strip converged on the Port of Oakland and prevent dock workers from unloading the Piraeus, a vessel from Zim Integrated Shipping Services, Israel's largest shipping firm.

That ship has now left the port with its cargo remaining on board.



  1. It reminds me of Mobro, the garbage barge that everyone forbade from dumping its garbage.

    "We are treating the garbage like Germany treated Lenin.'' Mayor Koch (1987)

  2. "...activists protesting Israel's military action in the Gaza Strip..."

    No, RW, again, no. Reading all of this is getting depressing. There was the retrograde Chomsky Screed on your Blog Site and now this.
    The "protesters" are not protesting "Israel's military actions in the Gaza Strip." They are showing strength against Jews. Over and over. The Militarism is to found in the Caesarist formulation of Islam. The same thing occurred hundreds of years earlier with Christianity. The Anti-Semitism is baked right into the cake.

    Bottom line: Kill the Jews. Say whatever needs to be said by a "Hamas" group or a group proclaiming a Caliphate. Whatever. Kill the Jews. End of Story.


    1. 2016 Palestinians vs 67 Isrealis oh i see what you mean......


    Are you CERTAIN you want to use the Body Count method?

    You are supposed to have more than a passing interest in the Functions of Language. You wanna decode this use of "Heroic Language" that takes pride in the State Murder of these 3 humans?

    I didn't think so.