Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cathy Reisenwitz Leaving 'Full-Time' Liberty Movement

The woman, who single-handedly attempted to destroy libertarianism as a principled philosophy based on the non-aggression principle at its foundation, is leaving the movement to sell software directories. Yes, software directories.

The lady called just about everyone in the movement who was a serious thinker a racist etc. She attempted to introduce politically correct thought, from feminism to gay advocacy, as a requirement of libertarianism.

It raised the wrath of everyone from Justin Raimondo to Tom Woods to Bretigne Shaffer.



And, of course, I had my say about Reisenwitz on a couple of occasions.



But now she is gone. This is how she announced it on her blog:
Freal tho, I’m leaving full-time liberty-movement work to do sales at a software directory company.
She added:
 Basically, I’m leaving one side, creating the conditions, to work on the other side, the actual innovation. I’m not an innovator, but innovators need sales to disrupt markets. That’s where I want to come in.
I have no doubt she will be a disrupter.

Hopefully, she will be too busy selling directories to be much of a disrupter in the libertarian world from here, but she is promising to be around a bit:
I’m going to continue writing, a little, at least. Probably just on this blog, unless someone wants to give me a paid column. And then I’ll repub here. Hell, I might start writing about sales.
She seems to understand that there is no market for libwap theory (Although she, as usual, misdirects and paints a broad brush claiming you can't make money advocating libertarianism, rather than just libwap theory.)
 The market has spoken, and the demand relative to supply of libertarian commentators is low. 
Bottom line: The libwap movement is dying. Who will be announcing career changes next?


(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. I suspect that this may not have been entirely her choice. She’s been on a real kick lately advocating for sex workers. In fact, it’s all she’s been talking about the past few months. Not just that prostitution should be legal like is should, but actually making statements such as "stigmatizing sex workers is bigotry." Combine statements like that with her youtube videos interviewing porn stars she wants to bring into the movement and her blogs about her "polyamorous" lifestyle and it's just gotten a bit too weird. I’ve often wondered what Jeff Tucker’s been thinking the past few months with her latest crusade. I bet even the Koch types who promoted her in the first place aren't on board with her anymore.

  2. Ding dong the witch is gone!!!!

    Let us all wish Cathy a productive and successful career in software sales. So successful that she won't have time to "contribute" to libertarianism.

  3. RW,

    Do you think that Cathy's career change is a sign that Libertarian Inc. is collapsing?

  4. Translation:

    "Tucker isn't paying me anymore because all of his ventures which failed the first time (for free) aren't making any money and the investors are looking to get their piece back."


    "This was the only job I was 'qualified' for, telemarketer."

  5. "Bottom line: The libwap movement is dying."

    Hopefully so.

  6. I never understood how Jeff Tucker was betraying anyone with his new libwap work as was mentioned by many commentators in the previous articles cited above. It's of course disappointing, but I didn't quite understand the betrayal part. Or maybe I'm missing something, I'm not particularly familiar with libertarian movement history.

  7. zee788,

    For a brief overview see:


    At it's essence, libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), and nothing more. The libwaps call themselves libertarian, but take positions which move beyond the NAP and into thought control (i.e. against discrimination in various forms). Diluting, distorting, or muddying the libertarian philosophy gives people the misconception that libertarianism is about things other than the proper application of force (namely, in defense of property only).

    Although this may seem like nitpicking, it is crucial that the libertarian philosophy is seen for what it is, and it is very dangerous to begin adding "appendages" which have nothing to do with the foundation of the philosophy. For, to advocate for thought control and against freedom of association is precisely the antithesis of libertarianism.

  8. Why would anyone hire this basketcase? She is a ticking timebomb. How long until she files a lawsuit against the company for being homophobic, racist, and sexist?

    Some men will let a pretty girl get away with anything.

  9. One would have to be a fool to employ her. She is a sexual harassment lawsuit just waiting for the right opportunity.