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Conspiracy Theory: Was George H.W. Bush Behind the Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan?

By Tony Bonn

As incredible as it may sound to an American, we believe that there is credible evidence supporting a case against George H W Bush as the assassin of President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. This may strike some as an abhorrent assault on the fairy land of perpetually immaculate American politics, but we follow the evidence wherever it leads.

The standard account is that John Hinckley Jr was an unstable soul who randomly shot the president in another reenactment of the lone nut theory which was supposed to explain the murder of John Kennedy. As evidence of prior insanity, he was a known stalker of Jodie Foster, who was then enrolled at Bush’s alma mater Yale, he left behind some weird letters to her (reminiscent of Sirhan Sirhan’s strange letters).

Even though Hinckley’s communications with Foster had been forwarded to appropriate authorities all the way to the FBI, no restraint or surveillance was applied to him – again following the pattern established in the case of Kennedy.

The Secret Service Does Its Dirty Deed

John Judge reveals some incredible information which brings back November 22 all over again and blows holes into the censored version of the murder attempt. As with JFK, the Secret Service took the lead in framing Reagan for the assassin, who was not John Hinckley, Jr. though certainly he was present at the scene of the crime.

The Secret Service (SS) started the day by telling the president that he did not need his protective vest in a move similar to its removal of Kennedy’s protective bubble in Dallas.

Reagan’s limousine did not stop at the Hilton Hotel entrance as it should have. Instead the driver pulled forward 40-50 feet, forcing Reagan to walk in the open. According to security protocol, the SS would form a diamond around the president, yet in this case, they formed a file to the right leaving Reagan and his party exposed.

The original story was that the assailant used a .38 caliber weapon, which accords well with the physical reactions of the victims. However, about 3-4 hours after the assault, the weapon became a .22 caliber – a change most redolent of the alleged Oswald weapon. In this case, Judge notes that ABC film footage shows a DC cop swapping the .38 for a .22.

NBC correspondent Judy Woodruff reported that a shot had come from overhead where SS agents were located, further implicating the agency, or allied impersonators, in the murder scheme.
The presidential limousine driver was supposed to take Reagan to George Washington University Hospital since it was the closest, but instead made its way to Bethesda Naval Hospital (BNH) which was much farther away. After some time, the driver finally decided to go to GWUH where Reagan walked in on his own accord which explains his ability to make his famous quip, “I forgot to duck.”

The delay was so obviously planned that Jim Brady, who was still on the ground 5 minutes after the president’s vehicle left, arrived at GWUH 15-20 minutes before Reagan did.

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