Monday, August 18, 2014

GOVERNMENT ESCALATES: National Guard Headed to Ferguson

I have argued that, although I do not condone the activities of those who can best be labeled as urban primitives,  I understand the government measures which have pushed such characters to destroy pretty much anything they focus on that is around them.

That said, I believe the bigger lesson here is that government will escalate any situation in an attempt to maintain control. In a crude, confused and often misdirected manner (SEE: Urban Primitivism and The Violent Oppressive State: Lessons from the Ferguson, MO Unrest), the UPs are rebelling against this.

It does appear, however, that UPs' targets have not always been random and did aim, on occasion, at government power . USA Today reports that protesters shot at police, threw Molotov cocktails at officers, looted businesses and carried out a "coordinated attempt" to block roads and overrun the police's command center.

The state does not tolerate such rebellion. It will now bring in the Missouri National Guard.

In a statement from the office of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon the announcement was made:
[The National Guard will] help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson.
As I have said, nothing good will come out of this battle. Few understand the core problems that are at the core of the frustration, that is, government laws such as minimum wage laws and drug laws, and useless compulsory public education laws. All of these type laws  keep the UPs in a perpetual oppressed position. This battle won't change any of that.

BUT, note well, if at any time the middle class chooses to rebel against the oppressive state, the state is ready for any such rebellion with tear gas, military vehicles and armed men of the state.



  1. Which also goes back to your point that you made when Adam Kokesh got arrested, going after the state directly and violently never works. The result is always the opposite of what was intended.

  2. Sorry, Bob, the State is acting wuss like. There is violation of property law but they won't shoot--the very thing we pay the state to do. Figure it out already...