Thursday, August 7, 2014

Has the Decision Been Made to Take Out Rand Paul?

It's not like Rand didn't set himself up for a take out with his many blatant flip flops, but the controlled media will ignore everything if they are told to do so. That they are not in Rand's case, at this point, is telling. Even Drudge is getting in to the act by running this goofy pic of Rand.

EPJ reader Jay Stephenson emails:
There's a real unflattering picture of Rand on Drudge's site right now
and he got slammed by Drudge's best friend Ann Coulter a few nights
ago. O'Reilly also slammed Rand last night. I wonder if they feel he
will be a weak Republican candidate and want to take him out early.

Ann Coulter to Rand Paul: ‘Just pick a position’

O’Reilly Goes After Rand Paul for ‘Dodge’ on Israel Position

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