Friday, August 8, 2014

If This Continues, It is a Sure Sign DeBlasio is Going to be a One Term Mayor

The hated squeegee men back are operating on the streets of NYC.

When Rudy Giuliani was mayor of NYC he was a tyrant, but he was a an equal opportunity tyrant. He cleared the squeegee men, who harassed motorists, from the streets of NYC.
Before Giuliani, at key intersections, you would have to turn on your window wipers to prevent the squeegee men from streaking and dirtying your windows, with their cleaning acts. Some would squirt and "clean" even  with the wipers going. 
Now, for the first time in 20 years, the harassment is  back, under the crony, lefty mayor, DeBlasio.

NyPo reports:
They were the ultimate symbol of the lawlessness and blight of the 1980s and early 1990s — and now they’re making a comeback.
Squeegee men are menacing motorists across New York City, including spots near the Holland, Lincoln and Queens-Midtown tunnels, as well as the Queensboro Bridge, The Post has learned.
Residents and drivers who pass through the areas said the panhandlers are spraying and wiping windshields without permission to shake down drivers for cash...
The Post spotted one of the vagrants working the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 37th Street, where a woman turned on the wipers of her Mercedes-Benz to keep him away.
The glassy-eyed man, who gave his name as Mike Benthins and claimed to be from Philadelphia originally, said he spends about an hour there every other day or so.
“This is a couple of days’ work. About 14 bucks,” he said, displaying a handful of crumpled dollar bills in his filthy, cracked fingers.
Benthins, who has also been seen with a squeegee near Times Square, was using a wadded-up copy of the amNewYork free newspaper as a rag.
While the Daily News is best suited as a squeegee, at $1.25, it’s too expensive!
Maria Berrios, 49, who has lived in Midtown near the Lincoln Tunnel for 30 years, was stunned to see a squeegee man at the corner of Dyer Avenue and West 36th Street about two weeks ago.
“He looked like he learned how to do it way back in the day. He just picked up his bucket and went back to work,” she said.
“I haven’t seen those guys in 20 years. I’m a grandma now — the last time I saw one of them, my kids were in the car.”

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