Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Imagine My Surprise: TSA Had No Plans to Disclose San Jose Airport Security Breach

The security theater agents at San Jose Airport got outfoxed by a crazy woman and the TSA was going to keep its mouth shut about the embarrassment.

NBC Bay Area has the details:
By time NBC Bay Area broke the story on Tuesday of 62-year old stowaway Marilyn Hartman, Transportation Security officials had known about the security breach for 15 hours, but neither the airport nor the TSA planned to disclose this information to the public.
 Hartman's odyssey started around 9 p.m. Monday night at San Jose International Airport. After a few failed attempts to bypass gate security, she allegedly bypassed a document checker and successfully boarded Southwest Airlines Flight 375 to Los Angeles.
The incident follows two other successful security breaches earlier this year at San Francisco International Airport. The San Francisco resident has attempted to board airplanes to Hawaii without a ticket at least six other times...
A TSA spokesperson confirmed with The Investigative Unit that the agency did not plan to disclose the security breach, but had a statement prepared in case a news agency discovered Hartman's arrest.


  1. There is precious little security with the TSA. It's security theater and a chance to grow a gigantic bureaucracy that gives "jobs" to society's losers in exchange for votes.

  2. Totally agree with @Steve. The TSA is merely a means for the guberment to control the sheeple. They obviously couldn't catch a real security threat if it bit them on the arse.