Sunday, August 31, 2014

In Wake of Resignation of Jesse Benton, Mitch McConnell Isn't Taking Questions

The Glasgow Daily Times reports:
 The day after his campaign manager quit in the wake of an expanding Iowa campaign bribery investigation, Mitch McConnell was posing for photos, shaking hands and riding in the Watermelon Festival Parade here.
What he wasn’t doing was answering a reporter’s questions.
When the reporter approached McConnell aide Terry Carmack about 10 minutes before the parade Saturday and asked to interview the Republican U.S. Senator, Carmack said, “We’re on a very, very tight schedule.”
After conferring with McConnell, the two men walked away. But McConnell continued shaking hands with other parade participants and posed for a photo or so before walking back to the convertible that was to carry him through downtown Tompkinsville...
The Grimes campaign wasted no time Friday in trying to evoke images of another political scandal and ultimate cover-up attempt.
“Sen. McConnell owes the people of Kentucky a full account of what he knew and when he knew it,” said campaign spokeswoman Charly Norton...
“It was a Rand Paul and Ron Paul deal, wasn’t it?” responded Eddie Paul Murphy, a registered Republican. Then grinning, he facetiously said of the alleged $73,000 price tag Sorensen received for switching sides in the 2012 Iowa presidential caucuses contest, “Lord, that’s a high price for a vote. They pay a whole lot for votes around here but they don’t pay that much!”

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