Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Low Level Crime and Waste at FEMA

A friend familiar with the work of a Congressional subcommittee investigating crime and waste at the Federal Emergency Management Agency tells me that crime and waste are rampant throughout the agency.

He says that there are many who receive grants to do various research projects who simply submit fake expense accounts for travel that they don't go on. One particularly creative fraudster actually made up a fake hotel that he stayed at and actually created a fake web site for the fake hotel.

On the waste end, he tells me about one woman, a life-long resident of Washington DC, who completely butchers the English language and has no skills above that of a minimum wage worker but who is being paid $160,000 a year by FEMA.


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  1. The easy solution - fire all employees and no, absolutely no pension or unemployment. Bring the cheats up on theft charges and make them pay back 4X what they stole. Dissolve FEMA and all associated USG disaster relief BS.