Monday, August 4, 2014

My Conversation With a "Fuck Capitalism" Capitalist T-Shirt Merchant

I had the below conversation on Sunday, with a "Fuck Capitalism" T-shirt merchant. The conversation goes in many directions. I get to diss Rand Paul and name drop Ralph Raico, author of Great Wars and Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal.

At one point, the self-hating capitalist merchant invokes the New York Times to support his view that Mao was not responsible for millions of deaths in China. Fr the record, on Christmas Day 2013, NYT published an op-ed by Gao Wenqian, who was a member of the executive committee of the Research Center on Party Literature of the Communist Party of China. In the essay, Wenqian wrote:
Mao’s record was nothing short of a disaster: The Great Famine of 1958-61 — the result of a course of industrialization known as the Great Leap Forward — caused starvation not seen on a scale since Stalin’s collectivization. Meticulous research by the journalist Yang Jisheng and the historian Frank Dik├Âtter has estimated the death toll at anywhere from 36 million to 45 million...

 Mao lived in luxury. As a young cadre inside the system in the late 1970s, I visited several of “Mao’s No. 1 guesthouses” when I accompanied high-ranking Chinese officials on work trips. Built during the years of the Great Famine, they were surrounded by lush courtyard gardens and furnished with wall-to-wall carpeting and red velvet curtains.

Politically weakened by the economic disaster, Mao in 1966 launched the Cultural Revolution, plunging the country into a decade of turmoil, tearing families apart and eliminating what decency remained in society...
In Great Leaders, although mostly about western leaders, Raico writes:
 One of the most pernicious legacies of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao is that any political leader responsible for less than, say, three or four million deaths is let off the hook. 
In a  talk delivered at the 1996 Rothbard-Rockwell Report conference in San Mateo, California Raico reported:
 The figures for the victims of Maoist rule that are starting to come out of China suggest a total in the range of 30 or 40 million, or more.
Here's my conversation with the "Fuck Capitalism" capitalist merchant. Note, at one point, I state that I am against capitalism, by which I meant the current crony capitalist system.



  1. You are soooooo patient....I just couldn't do it like you and it just goes to show that some people are cut out/meant to proselytize.(and that's not me, face to face anyway)

    If anything, this gives me little hope for humanity currently....the age on both these guys despite their outright ignorance is probably what astounds me most.

  2. Just like Adam Kokesh I'm amazed how you can put up with these statism slimeballs you interact with with Wenzel.

    1. Agreed. I don't watch many of Adam's "show" videos, but I do try to make a point of watching his videos when he goes out on the street and interviews people. He is very patient and respectful w/ people, and does a good job of representing a pro-freedom philosophy.

      You should do more of these types of videos Bob.

  3. This is the difference between the clowns on the left and the jokers on the right. While I despise the false left/right paradigm, including almost all political leaders on the both sides of aisle, the followers on the left are far more obnoxious. I just watched a video showing Chris Christie protesters in New Jersey playing guitar and singing folk songs they wrote about his budget cuts that will impact state workers. It almost makes you want to pull a Jim Belushi move from Animal House and smash the guitar. Instead of wasting time writing protest songs, try applying for a job!!!