Saturday, August 2, 2014

Now I Know the Establishment is Behind Rand Paul

I am not making this up. The elitist, establishment, insider Washington Post has just come out with its list of 30 of Washington’s ‘Most Beautiful’ people. The list includes these beauties:

And, oh yeah, Rand made it on to the same list:



  1. Megyn Kelly must not be part of the establishment since Bret Baier's on here and she's absent.

  2. I have to admit, he cleans up nicely:

  3. Give me a break, Robert you can't be serous. I've got issues with Rand but to claim "the establishment" is behind him because he was placed on some superficial list should be beneath you.

    1. Positive media coverage is suspect.

      It's also important to note how ignorant the average voter is, and how much of a role physical appearance plays in their voting behavior (especially presidential elections).