Thursday, August 28, 2014

OUTRAGEOUS HEADLINE: Silicon Valley favorite Ron Paul secretly paid a state senator $73k to buy his support

It's beginning, the absurd slandering of Ron Paul because of nutjob antics at Ron Paul Inc.. From a PandoDaily story, from where the above headline came.
It’s unclear if, when making an absolute mockery of the democratic process, Ron Paul paid Sorenson’s bribe in evil fiat currency, gold bars, or bitcoin. 

Who is PandoDaily? This is who:

 PandoDaily’s investors:

Marc Andreessen
Founders Fund
Tony Hsieh
Zach Nelson
Andrew Anker
Base Ventures
Chris Dixon
Jumpstart Foundry
Saul Klein
Josh Kopelman
Chattanooga Renaissance Fund
Matt Cohler
Greylock Partners
Accel Partners
Menlo Ventures
Lamp Post Group
Lerer Ventures
SV Angel
Ooga Labs
Redpoint Ventures
Jeff Jordan
Vegas Tech Fund

The destruction of the Ron Paul brand has begun.


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  1. Would you save the same race to judgment if this happened to Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell's campaigns? As I've said many times, it appears unlikely Dr. Paul would be aware of this or condone this, but, he has ultimate responsibility for the people working for him and a duty to ensure they are working up to his standards. He simply cannot escape any and all culpability by sycophants baselessly claiming he knew nothing and should not have known anything