Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rachel Maddow on the Secret Under the Table Payments of the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign

As I have been warning here at EPJ, the Ron Paul haters are going to have a field day with the lunatic moves made by certain members of Ron Paul Inc.

Lefty Rachel Maddow on her show last night provided a solid summary of the Kent Sorenson scandal, where Ron Paul operatives paid Sorenson under the table to switch from the Michelle Bachmann campaign to the Ron Paul campaign, just days before the 2012 Iowa caucuses. Sorenson has now admitted that he received the payoffs (SEE: BREAKING: Kent Sorenson Pleads Guilty to Concealing Ron Paul Campaign Payoff).

Of course, in her summary, she managed to bring up Ron Paul himself, even though it is highly unlikely that he was aware of what was going on at Ron Paul Inc.

Her linking to the scandal of Jesse Benton, who is currently Mitch McConnell's campaign manager and who is married to Ron Paul's granddaughter and who ran Ron Paul's  2012 presidential campaign, makes more sense.

As the scandal develops, it may very well take Benton down and result in egg all over McConnell's face, which should be of little concern to libertarians. The real problem is that it may muddy the principled positions that Ron Paul delivered during the 2012 campaign, as MSM begin to link the RP campaign with under the table payments of Ron Paul Inc, rather than the libertarian positions of Ron Paul.

It is still unclear how close the scandal will get to Rand. But Democrats and libertarian haters are going to make the most of this scandal as it unfolds just before this year's November elections.

The video of Maddow's broadcast is here, if you need to be brought up to speed on the scandal. As I say, Maddow does a good job of presenting the details of the developing, that is, outside of subtly linking Ron Paul to the nutty adventures of Ron Paul Inc..


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