Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rand Paul Breaks Silence Over US Bombing in Iraq

Rand Paul spoke to the Campbellsville Chamber of Commerce and commented on the situation in Iraq, according to WBKO.

It was a typical Rand response: muddled, unclear and misdirecting the focus:
I have mixed feelings about it. I'm not saying I'm completely opposed to helping with arms or maybe even bombing, but I am concerned that ISIS is big and powerful because we protected them in Syria for a year. Do you know who also hates ISIS and who is bombing them? Assad, the Syrian government. So a year ago, the same people who want to bomb ISIS wanted to bomb Syria last year. Syria and ISIS are on opposite sides of the war. We're now bombing both sides of one war that has spread into another country.
So I guess what Rand is saying is that he doesn't have a strong position on the bombing. Some principled statesman there.

Note to true foreign affairs non-interventionists: You don't have "mixed feelings" about bombings. The U.S. has made a mess out of Iraq and should stay the hell out.

For perspective on why we are suddenly bombing, see Justin Raimondo's important piece: Iraq:Why Bomb Now?



  1. Why do all of these libertarians have such blind faith in Rand? Justin Raimondo is guzzling Rand's Kool Aid. Not even LRC is holding Rand's feet to the fire. Libertarians are as delusioned as conservatives are about the Republican Party. When I go to Daily Paul, everyone makes excuses for Rand. The most typical response I read is "he's the best deal we've got." People like Rand Paul and other Beltwaytarians can and will do more damage to libertarianism than Republicans or Democrats could ever do.

  2. I'm getting to the point where either I am crazy or everyone else is an idiot. Any objective observer of the political system should know that there would be tremendous pressure on any president to maintain the status quo when it comes to the US empire. If Rand Paul can't oppose war now, what makes any sane individual believe that he will oppose war if/when he is in office. The Libertarian political system is a religion for all intents and purposes. Libertarianism has its own messiah (Rand Paul) and it functions on the blind faith that Rand is just "playing the game" and that when in office he will act as President as they imagine in their minds.

    BTW, has anyone cared to mentioned why is Rand "breaking his silence" now? If he intends on being President he won't have the luxury of going into hiding every time a major event breaks out. And also notice, Rand never said what he recommends being done. He just mumbles about having mixed feelings and that he is not completely opposed to waging war in Iraq. As President, he will be called on to take a stand and make a decision.