Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ron Paul's Daughter and the Guilty Plea of Kent Sorenson

As a result of Kent Sorenson's guilty plea today (SEE: BREAKING: Kent Sorenson Pleads Guilty to Concealing Ron Paul Campaign Payoff), we now know as fact that Sorenson was paid, as the Justice Department puts it, ""under the table" by the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign to switch from the Michelle Bachmann 2012 PresidentialCcampaign to the RP Campaign.

A statement of fact filed by Sorenson and the Department of Justice, jointly, further notes that  agents of the Ron Paul campaign (The campaign is identified in the statement as "Political Committee 2") failed to properly disclose the payments to Sorenson on FEC filings, as required by law.

Some news reports have correctly identified Lori Pyeatt as the treasurer of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. Pyeatt is the daughter of Ron Paul. However, it is extremely unlikely that Pyeatt was aware of the madcap, lunatic secret payoffs that were made to Sorenson. This should be clearly understood.

Individuals who know the Paul family tell me that it would be completely out of character for Pyeatt to go along with such an insane scheme. Since the payments were first routed by the Ron Paul Campaign through a film production company, Interactive Communications, it is likely that Pyeatt was simply duped and was told that the payments were for political television ad campaign work.

The question is, of course, who duped her?

While Dimitri Kesari is up to his eyeballs in this thing, in the statement of facts he is most assuredly the person identified as "Political Operator D" and the person who appears to have done most of the direct negotiations with Sorenson, it is highly unlikely they he was high enough up in the command structure in the RP Campaign to approve $82,375 in payments to Interactive.

There are other player(s) that the DOJ is sure to let us know about soon enough.

The timing of the DOJ announcement of the guilty plea, just be for Labor Day, is likely to cause some members of Ron Paul Inc to think that the DOJ has decided to put them on the barbecue for this holiday. We haven't heard the end of the problems for Ron Paul Inc.

BTW, I made a call to a political operative to try an understand why Ron Paul 2012 campaign operatives would partake in such a risky and dangerous secret payment to Sorenson, he told me the move made no sense.

He said that before the announcement of Sorenson's move from the Bachmann campaign to Ron Paul's campaign, Bachmann was diving in the polls anyway in Iowa. The Sorenson jump made it even clearer to Bachmann supporters that she was in trouble and it likely shifted votes from Bachmann to Rick Santorum.

If Sorenson had stayed with Bachmann, some of those Santorum votes would have stayed with Bachmann and likely resulted in a stronger finish for Ron Paul against the stronger Santorum.

And that's how Ron Paul Inc. rolls.



  1. She doesn't need to be duped. It's largely a paperwork job I would assume. If there is a PO and invoice, it gets paid.

  2. Agent Provocateur plot perhaps by those troubled that the status quo was challenged by the tremendous impact of Ron Paul?

    1. RP has unfriendlys within his own family. Jess Benton has been a cancer on the Paul movement for quite sometime.

  3. And after spending all those millions, average people still don't know that inflation is a purposeful government program and not a mysterious force of nature.

    1. Bob- I disagree. Those millions convinced a few million USAmerikuns that their suspicions about the corrupt and evil nature of Washington, District of Criminals, was correct. Now, nearly 7 years later, those few million have grown more vocal and less gullible. They have convinced a neighbor of cousin or co-serf/tax slave that DC is rotten.

      I think every dollar donated to Dr Ron caused at least one anti-war liberal, or disillusioned "small government" conservative, or REAL civil liberty champion to WAKE UP and see the truly disgusting nature of our fascist government.

      When the history wiki (books are so passé) of this era is written I believe that Dr Ron will get his due. He will be remembered and venerated as the champion of real freedom. The rest of those corrupt bastards in DC will be forgotten, while Dr Ron's intellectual and political achievements and aspirations will the stuff of legends.

      Kinda like an Anti-Lincoln, Anti-Wilson and Anti-FDR all rolled into one freedom loving package!

    2. I don't deny that great progress was made primarily because THE MAN HIMSELF was all over TV. And that it would not have happened without him. But the campaign ads were apparently trying to attract no-nothing voters and were not trying to educate the no-nothings. Nothing is going to change until most people know at least that inflation is a purposeful government program. Once they get that, they can begin to understand how it is used to transfer wealth without due process of law. At which point, the masses can ask all the attorneys and judges how it was that they never figured that out when they were implicitly approving these surreptitious wealth transfers in their haughty court opinions.

  4. Tbh, it wouldn't surprise me if the Paul family had known about it. I doubt they take such regulations particularly seriously given their opinion of government.

    1. Regardless of their position on regulation, you're basically saying that the Pauls are OK with bribery. Nothing Dr. Paul has said or done in his career in Congress supports such a conclusion.

      This smells more and more like a sabotage act.

  5. One should stay out of politics. This incident provides important anecdotal as to why.