Sunday, August 17, 2014

REPORT: Hillary Plans More Attacks Against Obama

Ed Klein, author of Blood Feud, reports:
Despite widespread predictions that Hillary Clinton and President Obama would kiss and make up when they sat down at a friend’s birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard last week, sources inside the Clinton camp tell me that instead of a hug-a-thon the meeting turned into a tense, awkward freeze-a-thon...

At the party, she and Bill Clinton went out of their way to ignore the president and first lady, who spent most of the evening on the dance floor avoiding contact with the Clintons.
According to my sources, Hillary’s knock on Obama’s foreign-policy philosophy was not intended to be a one-time event.
Rather, it was a carefully planned opening salvo in an ongoing, comprehensive assault on Obama’s overall mismanagement of the presidency.
In short, there will be no letup in the blood feud between the Clintons and the Obamas because Bill Clinton, the architect of that feud, sees it in Hillary’s interest to disentangle and distance herself from Obama’s increasingly unpopular policies.

My sources point out that for the past six months, Bill Clinton has been holding secret seminars with a revolving group of several dozen policy experts at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark.
This group has devised talking points on foreign and fiscal policy, health care (including a complete makeover of ObamaCare) and immigration reform, among other issues.
Bill Clinton has assembled these talking points into a vast library of detailed policy books, which total some 5,000 pages.
These books cover every conceivable subject that Hillary will need to commit to memory in her run for the White House in 2016.
“A few weeks ago, Bill laid out his strategy to Hillary and Chelsea during a meeting in his barn office in Chappaqua,” said a person who attended the meeting. “He had a pile of briefing books and went down a list of the points in the campaign strategy. Virtually everyone at the meeting agreed Hillary had to distance herself as far away from Obama as possible.”
“Bill had specific sug­gestions for attacking Obama,” this person continued.
Bill Clinton believes that Hillary won’t get Obama’s support in 2016 anyway and that he’ll “betray her in the end.”
So he’s advising her to put as much distance between herself and the president.

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  1. How can the rest of us distance ourselves from these two lecherous couples? These reprobates need counseling, not political power.