Sunday, August 24, 2014

Socialist Jess Spear Destroyed in Seattle: 80% Voted for Her Opponent

A socialist bemoans the "shallow lefty establishment" for its failure to support Spear. DagBlog has the cryfest:
In Seattle, socialist Kshama Sawant has been unusually successful in her progress as city councilwoman. While it will take a good while to apply, she did succeed in pushing $15 minimum wage for the city of Seattle. 
The Socialist Alternative movement continued with Jess Spear, who ran a pretty stellar campaign against Frank Chopp for the position of speaker. Nevertheless, Spear was “overwhelmed,” as the Seattle P.I. put it, with Chopp raking it 80 percent of ballots, and the explanations why are pretty storied.

Sawant’s honeymoon is over, especially among her more centrist-liberal backers. Liberal publications like ‘The Stranger’ and the ‘Seattle P.I.’ perhaps realized that when Sawant talked about “poorly paid workers and unpaid internships,” she may have been referring to organizations like their own, and not just corporations like Boeing and Microsoft, or the more conservative businesses from Eastern Washington. A lot of Seattle liberalism is a shallow cultural bigotry prepared more for looking down on the “knuckle-dragging conservatives” in the eastern side of the State rather than actually solving the real problems of social inequity.  For this reason, the liberal establishment has always been at odds with socialists like Sawant...
  It’s unfortunate that the Seattle P.I. wasn’t more receptive of Spear’s message – after all, their own operation is now “Internet only” as a result of no longer being able to afford a print newspaper. Their staff should know very well how oppressive and uncompromising the “free” market really is.

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  1. The the crony capitalist and the socialist are much alike in that they despise the free market. The cronies want the government to protect them from their failures in the market place so they can become or remain wealthy while innocent people, the taxpayer, are forced by law to pay for their mistakes. The cronies believe they have a right to be rich, without earning the right. The socialist looks down on the cronies: they say we hate the free market too, brother crony, but it's not for ourselves that we want government protection from the market place of free competition, it is for our poor brethren who can't afford decent housing and healthcare. While you, brother crony, believe you have a right to be rich, we believe the poor have a right to decent housing and healthcare (and any thing else we decide is necessary), and like you we believe the tax paying public, and those who create these goods and service should be forced by law to supply them. But you dear crony are naughty because you think only of yourself while we think of others.

    While the slavery of black people before the war between the North and the South was obvious the present day enslavement of virtually all Americans by their government is obscured by the illusion we hold that we are politically free; when in fact our lives and property belong to any individual or group who can legally get their hands on it: the politicians, the govt. bureaucrats, the crony capitalists and socialists, to name just a few.