Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thousands Turn Out for March Against the NYPD

Thousands of protesters have turned out this afternoon for a march against the NYPD, reports NyPo/.

Al Sharpton and other marchers got on buses in Harlem and Brooklyn to travel to the site of Eric Garner’s death at Bay Street and Victory Boulevard on Staten Island.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is on hand at One Police Plaza and the NYPD has “several hundred” officers from different parts of the city on duty to monitor the protesters,according to NyPo

Sharpton arrived  with Garner’s family to kick off the march.Basically chased out of Ferguson, Missouri, race hustler Sharpton, who keeps the message confused about the problem with government power, has found another way to stay in the spotlight.

1 comment:

  1. This is getting tiresome. These marches don't achieve anything, this isn't the 1960s.

    Complaining about one arm of the government and then turning around and saying the government needs more control over people's lives is the very definition of doublethink.

    All this is accomplishing is making the elites and power pushers laugh.