Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ukraine's Currency, the Hryvnia, Has Plunged to Another All-Time Low

The Ukrainian currency is crashing. It is down over 60 percent against the US dollar this year, reaching an all-time low today of 13.5 hryvnia to the dollar.

The National Bank of Ukraine must be printing paper like crazy. That's a helluva a government the Empire has installed in the country.

The government should really stop worrying about advancing troops in eastern Ukraine and worry about destroying western Ukraine with its mad money printing. They should tell the U.S. and the global banksters to go to hell and that there is no more money for debt payments on debt issued by earlier Ukranian governments.

But that won't happen. A deal will be reached with the global banksters that will funnel money to Ukraine via the IMF and World Bank. The money will end up as payments on debt held by the banksters. The IMF and World Bank loans will be paid back by squeezing the public via "austerity."

And that how the elitist plotters like things.


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