Thursday, August 7, 2014

VIDEO Rand Paul: I Don't Want to Eliminate Aid to Israel


  1. "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States,it can dry up and blow away."
    - Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, 2002

  2. "people who hate us and burn our flag"

    Wow, Ron Paul's son has become the very thing that his father spoke out against, a Neocon.

    How many times during primary debates did Ron Paul ask the audience to consider why "they hate us"?

    Where was Rand during those debates? I just can't believe Rand Paul is that obtuse...but here it is..on video none the less.

    What's next? "They hate us for our freedom."?

    I wish I knew if Rand really believed what he is saying or if he is just saying it all to get elected. Either way, it's incredibly bad policy to fund one side of any conflict and expect the other side to just sit back and not "hate you".

    I'm not sure if the choice between stupid or evil matters, but at least I'd know what he'd represent if elected to some higher office.

  3. A 30-second Google search turned up the following video:

    Rand 2011: CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer - End all foreign aid - including to Israel
    Rand 2014: Fox w/ some clown - Give money to Israel for Iron Dome

    Very disheartening watching Rand sell-out for power. There's really no point in voting for him either come 2016. Doesn't look like it will change a damn thing. Hopefully Ron runs against his son... :)