Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Israel Lies

The Ralph Raico, author of  Great Wars and Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal, emails:

Bob, in case you haven’t seen this yet, great stuff


  1. Bob -

    These kinds of articles make me doubt everything I read everywhere concern any news about everything. Not because I know this is true, but because I know it is not. Friends from all around me have been called up, I know plenty in the army, and this portrayal of the IDF sounds absolutely ludicrous. Yes, states lie. But to say that Israel lies any more than any other state, especially Hamas, a despicable bunch, is disturbing. I don't understand what it is with libertarians singling out Israel. Really, I don't get it. One day, take a look at an Israel related article on Zerohedge. The Israel hatred there is astounding. Not so here, but authors I respect and love recommending pieces like this? I just don't get it.

    1. "Friends from all around me have been called up, I know plenty in the army"

      If they're Israeli then it is likely then is it not possible that they are giving you a one-sided view of events? If not then please elaborate.

    2. Also Bob,

      I noticed a few comments recently that implicitly question your credibility. However your credibility would be shot the moment you make an exception for only one state (Israel), similar to Glenn Beck and Alex Jones who won't "go there" for some reason.

    3. Akismetxhsx -

      Do you believe that Western powers stole land from residents of the area called Israel?

      Do you agree that there were Arabs living in the area called Israel before it was given to the creators of the Israeli state?

      If not, where is the title, and can it be strongly defended? If the chain of title is broken or encumbered, where and how damaging are the disputed title claims?

      Why does the US Government give more aid to Israel than all other countries- combined?

      How can you defend the war crimes of Israel, considering that +90% of the victims are civilians! while +95% of Israeli deaths are military?

      Can you give good answers to these questions?

      We verbally attack Israel (not Jews) because it is a terrorist state, controlled by psychotic motherfucking criminals. Your support of them makes you a terrorist by association.

      I think Hamas is a terrorist organization as well, but one with more compelling grievances and legitimate defense of their territory. Israel is the attacker.

    4. Of course there is no possible way that because you have friends in Zahal, that they would be impervious from the propaganda?

      Have you ever volunteered in Sar-El or done reservist work in Israel as an American? Would you believe there is even a program that does that? Sar-El Volunteer Class of 1989 @ Nahal Sorek.

      The author is exactly right about Israel and what it does, as well as the fact that it is sacrosanct for Jews. People discount the propaganda machines used by governments. Israel has it down in a big way, and has an extremely sophisticated media machine at all levels of government, as well as operating inside the United States. They spend big money polishing the image they wish to portray as a country. This shouldn't surprise anybody.

      Let me also say that Israeli Government propaganda is very different from Israeli citizens. Just as if our own citizenry would turn the beast on its head if they found out the extent of false-flag and deception operations that occur on a regular basis in order to protect the government's tax base, so too would Israelis.

      99.99% of all people of all countries all over the world are peaceful and just want to live life with those they love and cherish without conflict. It is only through very targeted deceptive propaganda that those very same peaceful people could be manipulated into fearing for their lives and therefore justifying abhorrent actions they would never normally do.

      There are no sacred cows. Israel and the United States are not sacrosanct. It is not us vs. them. Any tactic used to try and polarize you to that degree should immediately be recognized as a manipulation tactic. There are always two sides to the same story.

      For brevity's sake, I will just say there used to be a time in the not so distant past where diplomacy and fact finding were paramount before callous violent knee-jerk actions and reactions were the order of the day.

  2. Israel was created through murder and only exists because it commits murder. Its only natural that to justify it they would lie about it.

    However I doubt Israel lies more than any other totalitarian governments. A government that needs fear to insure its legitimacy will habitually lie because it simply has to in order to maintain legitimacy much like it needs to murder its opponents.

    If state officials told the truth, they wouldn't be in power for very long. In fact many members of the government who slip up and tell the truth on some grave matter end up resigning and or face charges or flee the country as Edward Snowden did.

    1. Steve, I was unaware of that part of history.

      The fact that the founders of Israel sought to ally with Nazi Germany should tell all you need to know!

    2. Rick, in context, Roosevelt had the US disallowing Jewish refugees from Europe and the Arabs were already successfully allied with the Nazis.


      Especially the section "Mandatory Palestine" referring to the British Mandate area.

      For example, the Nazis actively trained Arab bombers and the Mufti of Jerusalem spent the war in Italy and Germany.