Friday, August 15, 2014

19-Year Old Killed in Ferguson, MO Implicated in a Strong-Armed Robbery That Took Place Moments Before Being Shot

Ferguson police have released pictures from a video camera at a local Ferguson convenience store where a strong-arm robbery took place.

The robber appears to be the unarmed youth killed by Ferguson police, Michael Brown. It is alleged that Brown stole cigars during robbery.


  1. Hmmmm, is our innocent little boy not so innocent? Trayboon II perhaps?

    1. seems to be rather sensible, I mean don't make any sense to say strolling home from an aggravated robbery we were attacked by the cop..... And if the officer drove passed and called for backup as he had spotted suspects matching the description of offenders instead just telling then to "get the f..k on the sidewalk"

  2. one other thing coincidences happen but its very convenient for the officer's defense case and for sending the media 's sudden interest in militarization of police forces into the back pages