Thursday, September 11, 2014

49ers Suspend Announcer Two Games for Domestic-Violence Comments; Sent to 'Sensitivity Training'

Other than not minding his own business, I don't get what was so wrong about what 49ers radio broadcaster Ted Robinson said about the Ray Rice issue.

In discussing the controversy regarding former Baltimore Ravens running back Rice, Robinson said the victim, Rice’s wife, Janay, bore some of the responsibility for not speaking up after she was knocked unconscious by her then-fiancee.

“That, to me, is the saddest part of it,” Robinson said.

He was suspended for 2 games by the 49ers and has also been suspended for two games by the Pac-12 Network, for which he calls college games. The Pac-12 Network said Robinson will undergo sensitivity training.

To me is seems as though he was siding with the wife and that he was indicating that Rice's wife should have been more firm in dealing with the incident. Again, outside of not minding his own business, what exactly did he say wrong?

He was really making the point that those who are domestically abused should stand up for themselves. Very good advice to anyone who really is in a domestic abuse situation.

But in our current politically correct world, one can never say anything that might be interpreted as negative against an official politically correct victim.



  1. Who decided this? Who is the high priest? Why doesnt he ever show himself?

  2. I completely agree with you, but personally, I'd wish these guys would stick to sports. Do we really need to turn pro sports into a soap opera? (this is reason number 158 why I either don't watch, turn down the volume, or watch repeats on youtube that have these clowns edited out)

  3. You really don't see what's wrong with what the announcer said? He was blaming the victim. A victim of the initiation of violence does not bear any moral responsibility. It may be unwise to put oneself in a bad situation or to react poorly, but that does not equate to moral responsibility. We are supposed to be against violations of the NAP, not finding fault in the victim. Perhaps the jews in the holocaust bear some fault? Why didn't they just rise up and overthrow the guards of the concentration camps?

    BTW, if the wife doesn't want to press charges after the fact, that's a separate issue.

    1. I think she does bear some responsibility.

      You could probably bet the farm that what befell her in that elevator was not a one-off occurrence. It was however, the first time it was caught on camera.

      Ray Rice didn’t wake up that day and decide to play the “knock out” game with the woman he loved.

      BTW… If Ray’s ole lady has no problem with being used as a punching bag, she can never claim to be a victim.

  4. "But in our current politically correct world, one can never say anything that might be interpreted as negative against an official politically correct victim."

    Indeed. "Sensitivity training" is essentially part of the Marxist ideal of special treatment of certain politically- protected individuals over another. To quote Animal farm, "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others".