Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Insider Take on Hiring in the Tech Industry, Google’s Hiring Practices, Job Interviews, and Global Differences in Hiring Across Countries.

Robert Blumen emails to note that he is editor of Software Engineering Radio and that:
 I don’t usually broadcast episodes to my wider circle of friends because the shows are usually an uber-geek-out fest, but this show is of interest to a wider audience.  The host, Tobias Kaatz, interviews tech executive Randy Shoup about hiring in the tech industry, Google’s hiring practices, job interviews, and global differences in hiring across countries.

Episode 208: Randy Shoup on Hiring in the Software Industry

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Randy ShoupWith this episode, Software Engineering Radio begins a series of interviews on social/nontechnical aspects of working as a software engineer as Tobias Kaatz talks to Randy Shoup, former CTO at KIXEYE, about hiring in the software industry. Prior to KIXEYE, Randy worked as director of engineering at Google for the Google App Engine and as chief engineer and distinguished architect at eBay. Randy has spoken on various occasions about how to hire great people for highly productive teams and his own experiences in doing so. In this interview, Randy talks about how companies can find the right candidates, how candidates can get the attention of the companies they really want to work for, and how interviews and social media can assist in the process. He and Tobias also discuss the notion of always hiring “A-players” and its influence on the teams and on the people who live in an area where only “A-players” get hired. In addition, they talk about the “Google way of hiring” and how to get candidates to come to a second interview even if they failed the first time.
The link to the interview is here

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  1. This is a must hear interview for anyone in the software industry!!