Thursday, September 25, 2014

Canadian ISIS Member "Leave Us Alone"; "Attacks Coming to New York Soon"

FILE: For the record and under curious

This about the third English speaking ISIS member that I have seen speak. They all appear very articulate and confident, leader types.


  1. Can't help but notice at the 19:30 mark how eerily similar the script by this Black Leather Jacket is to the young man in the hoodie.

  2. Is Obama going to bomb Canada now because there are ISIS cells there? I'd think it'd be more important to destroy a terrorist cell, openly threatening an attack on our homeland, in a neighboring country than in one 7000 miles away.

  3. He contradicts himself. Wants freedom
    from oppression so he can practice SHARIA, a barbaric form that treats women with violent contempt. Wants to be left alone yet wants to engage in acts he knows will provoke reaction