Monday, September 8, 2014

CBS & David Letterman Slapped With Intern Class Action Lawsuit

It is getting more and more dangerous for firms to hire interns.

Deadline reports that last week, Mallory Musallam filed a class action complaint against CBS Broadcasting, CBS Corp. and David Letterman’s  production company, Worldwide Pants, on behalf of herself and everyone who has ever been an intern on the show. “Named Plaintiff has initiated this action seeking for herself, and on behalf of all similarly situated employees that also worked on The Late Show With David Letterman, all compensation, including minimum wages and overtime compensation, which they were deprived of, plus interest, attorneys’ fees, and costs,” says the jury demanding filing in New York Supreme Court..

If she didn't want to work for free as an intern, she shouldn't have taken the position, beginning and end of story. But these types of lawsuits will make businesses think twice about taking on interns---and there goes another opportunity to learn valuable skills that aren't taught as part of government influenced education programs.


(ht Travis Holte)


  1. This is merely an attempt by an individual to forcibly extract capital from another. Quite parasitic.

  2. Speaking of government influenced education. My guess would be that internship, as we know it, would not exist if it weren't for systematic schooling. If kids weren't forced to sit 8(+/-) hours a day in school, they would be out getting a job or learning something useful to advance their future careers, and, no, they would not be sitting around the house because the culture would be different. Therefore, there may still be internships that would exist, but not as a staple like it is today.

    There are kids that do work and go to school, but it's hard and getting harder to do both. There those exceptional few that can really exceed, but they are few in the systematic schooling system. The options for young people to, actually, pick up a skill at an earlier age are few. It would be better if the education was spread on his or her terms and did not interfere with his/her work. Wouldn't a business rather take on a 22 year old that had a good balance of work and education with 6(+/-) years of experience already as opposed to today's 22 year old college undergrad?

    We are taught to worship cops, the president, the flag, the military, voting, and education as oppose to work.

  3. I don't really understand why she is suing? If she knew she wasn't being paid, then what grounds does she have?

  4. It is s shame about valuable unpaid internships being shut off. I suspect she is pissed off that she wasn't offered permanent employment? OTOH it is a small consolation to see an eminently leftist organization like WWP get to taste the consequences of the leftist policies they support.