Sunday, September 7, 2014

CNBC Viewership Plunges To 21 Year Low

August was the lowest rated month in the core demographic at CNBC since February 1993.

I don't listen to CNBC very often. But I do watch it enough for me to get the sense that most of the anchors are just apologists for the state. It's good to see their ratings crash. -RW

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  1. Stopped watching CNBC long ago (and much of other cable), it is a pump and dump forum. Kernen had Trimtabs' Charles Biderman on recently with a seg. I watched via online video where according to Biderman's website he "tells Joe Kernen he’s bullish for as long as companies keep reducing the number of shares outstanding." Watch Biderman's past vids and he is confounded as to why the markets keep rising, and does not encourage buying in; but once he became a bull, boom instantly on CNBC. Nuff Said!